Hi, I’m Tim. I’m a software engineer currently living in Paris, France now living in SF . I work at Formspring

About this site

This site has been carefully handcrafted by myself. The typography is inspired by the fabulous work they do at the New York Times. Keeping this for reference, but I went the sans-serif route for the last paint-coat :)

The back-end is based on a custom framework written in PHP / MySQL. I made the move because I got tired of Wordpress messy & poor code. Once I get the plugin architecture implemented, I’ll made the code open source — that’s part of my New Year’s resolutions !

Me on the interwebs

I mostly use Twitter, Formspring & Flickr even though I have signed up for hundreds of other web apps or social websites. I often go by the name of pims — and sometimes iampims when pims was already taken — so add me as friend, buddy, contact if you happen to find me on your social website of choice. Oh! , and don’t bother inviting me on Facebook, it’s not my thing.

As of late, I am infrequently updating my tumblr over at http://pims.me

Everything about me

If you want to know absolutely everything about my interests online, subscribe to my delicious feed and I’ll have no more secret for you. That’s kind of scary if you ask me.