Step 1: Objective & Strategy

March 29, 2006

If defining an Objective and Strategy is not an essential step to creating a new theme, it is crucial when it comes to designing a site. Without a clear objective and strategy, you'll get lost on your way to potential success. Greg at A list Apart wrote a great article on the importance of a clear and well defined Objective and Strategy . It's a must read, and this post will follow Greg's guidelines.

Since Greg's article explains really well the differences between an objective and a strategy, there's no need for me to cover theses as well. Let's go straight to the point:

Objective for Few Against Many

Promote my skills, ideas and increase readership to 500 by the end of 2006

Strategy for Few Against Many

To offer a new and diversified source of information to people interested in the web design by reading Few Against Many on a regular basis instead of digging info in the blogosphere because Few Against Many provides a different and interesting point of view on design and web development

woaw ! Doesn't that sentence give you momemtum ? I feel motivated like never before.

I have a clear objective, a well-defined strategy, and now what ?

As good as your objective and strategy can be, they won't be of any use if you don't have ideas on how to implement them. Here's what I came up with for Few Against Many:

That's it for the 1st step. I hope it has been useful (or at least a pleasant read) to some of you.

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